Number of girls reached * 1000000


The journey from girlhood to womanhood is one of life’s beautiful changes. But this change often fails to bloom in its entirety due to lack of amenities required to support this course.

While education, hygiene and nutrition are basic necessities to live a life of happiness and dignity, many women in India consider these to be luxuries that they can only dream of.

Here are some shocking facts about Women Health in India:

  • 1 out of 3 girls in our country drops out of school* due to lack of hygiene amenities, amongst other reasons
  • 1 out of 2 women in India is anemic due to lack of nutrition#.

The Stayfree Women for Change initiative by Johnson & Johnson Limited is working towards bridging the gap between Indian women of two contrasting worlds. Stayfree is supporting UNICEF and other institutions that are working towards the upliftment of marginalized women across the country. This programme will give privileged women a platform to support their weaker counterparts with essential women health and hygiene facilities thus bringing about a change that will make women equal to women.

Join the initiative to make Women equal to Women! Help us support women and provide them access to healthy hygienic and happy life which is their right!

Join the initiativeto help make women equal to women

Stayfree Women for Change theme song

Prasoon Joshi's lyrics and Shubha Mudgal's melody make you live a young girl's carefree childhood days. Her carefree life is shackled as she transitions into womanhood. We ask why should her carefree life change as she enters adolescence?